Monday, February 22, 2010

How is SaaS Product Management different from traditional Product Management?

As Enterprise Architects we are inclined to always question that how a particular technical architecture is going to benefit business strategy of my company. In the same thoughts I had a debate with my colleague that Product Management for a SaaS or Cloud based product is very different than a traditional approach to product management.

As SOA Architect I can see some of the challenges with reuse or creating global services. So here are some of the key differences between traditional product management vs SaaS product management, that I can think of. Please comment your thoughts or elaborate more.

In Saas product management you have to worry about all these additional things,

1) Data Management of customer data (Backup, recovery, export, migration)
2) Additional security around Access & Authorization
3) You earn your money every day and every moment, so it is not a traditional sell once and forget till the next new producty is available. If you fail customers may not and will not renew the subscription. So you have to develop SaaS with some stickiness feature like creating a website with lowest bounce rate and higher CTR (click through rate). so that there is highest probability of customers renewing.
4) Special considerations for On Demand / Multi Tenacy of the product / solution.
5) Much higer emphasis on Disaster Recovery, Peak Load and High Availablity.
6) One size does not fit all, so how would you provide innovation in cloud? How to empower customers in cloud so that they can maintain their cuttting edge by intelligent customizations.

I am thinking there will be additional issues like Multi Tenant Pricing that will be of concern (based on usage pattern, product differentiation etc.) so please comment your thoughts or elaborate more if you can.

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