Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some very interesting Web 2.0 Links that can help in Smart Marketing & positioning

This page contains links to some very interesting websites that I use as part of my Product Marketing SEO tasks, they help you gain strategic edge using IT (information technology). Anyone interested in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) must pay attention to these tools:

  • Google Trends - find temporal trends in search word usage on the internet
  • Google Insights for Search - estimate relative importance of search terms with trends by geographical regions

  • Google Analytics - web analytics solution that gives insight into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness

  • Quantcast - monitor website traffic and effectiveness of marketing communications to customers. This give Demographics info of Visitors. You can also use Microsoft AdCenterLabs to analyze demographics.
  • Hitwise - ISP data, can be used to analyze how people get to, spend time in and depart from websites, large sample size

  • Alexa - web traffic metrics based on voluntary anonymous tracking of people who have signed up for free, large sample size
  • Comscore - web traffic metrics based on voluntary tracking of people who have signed up for a fee, gives much more detailed information but sample size is small

  • CrazyEgg - Click density analysis, find out where people are clicking on your webpage (is your design driving people to the right place?)  
When you use Google AdWords be sure to use Ad Preview Tool at

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agilian said...

Nice collection of some very usefull tools which can be used for any website to generate any kind of report.