Friday, October 13, 2006

How to enable EM after installation in Oracle Application Server?

I was asked this by a customer who just installed Oracle SOA Suite There are a few ways (listed below) to accompolish this. Option 1) & 2) below will help you start EM as a one time thing while option 3) will help you save that as a configuration setting everytime you start SOA suite.

1. $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl startproc application=ascontrol
2. java -jar $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/admin_client.jar deployer:oc4j:opmn://:/ oc4jadmin -start ascontrol
3. Edit $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee//config/server.xml and set the ascontrol application entry to start=true.
Ps: If you see that server.xml file is not available in the install, then there is a problem, either you are in wrong directory or the installation itself is corrupt.

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